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Hedgewise advisors are available to every potential client because you deserve to know and trust who is managing your money.
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Hedgewise is deeply committed to providing its clients with better investments and 100% transparency. We make it easy to check our performance, and to compare it to a number of common benchmarks. Our goal is to make it obvious that our products beat the competition.
Products CAGRYTD MTD Vol. Max Loss
Risk Parity+9.5%5.7%2.2%11.8%-28.8%
Cash Alternative3.2%2.6%1.4%4.4%-15.1%
S&P 50010.4%4.7%1.0%14.8%-55.0%
Returns are cumulative within this timeframe. All commissions and fees included.
All performance data shown prior to the inception of each Hedgewise framework (Risk Parity in October 2014, Momentum in November 2016) is based on hypothetical models which are broadly consistent with those currently being used in client portfolios. There is no guarantee that such performance could have been achieved, as it would have been affected by material factors including market liquidity, bid-ask spreads, intraday price fluctuations, instrument availability, and interest rates.

Any investment involves risk, including the risk of loss. Comparisons to the S&P 500 are provided as a generic baseline for a long-term investment portfolio and do not suggest that Hedgewise products will exhibit similar characteristics.

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A better way to invest.
Our strategies consistently outperform traditional benchmarks through the use of data-driven, time-tested techniques. Using a combination of fundamental analysis and professionally-managed investment algorithms, we take advantage of market inefficiencies to drive superior returns and to better protect our clients.
Different Goals, Different Strategies
Investing is a deeply personal experience, and you need a strategy that suits you. Whether you want protection from the next recession, a way to boost your expected returns, or a portfolio suited to a particular theme, Hedgewise has a product that will better meet your needs.
Better Manage Risk
Every Hedgewise strategy can be optimized to minimize the impact of economic recessions. Unlike ETFs, our portfolios are responsive to market conditions and adapt to better manage risk. While most investment advisors simply recommend 'buy-and-hold', we have decades of historical data that prove you can effectively avoid deep losses without sacrificing gains.
A La Carte or Fully Managed
You can choose an individual Hedgewise product with confidence that it is fundamentally better than any comparable ETF or mutual fund. If you aren't sure which one is right for you, a Hedgewise advisor can help you construct a portfolio based on your broader investment goals. We'll also automatically adapt it as market conditions change.
Managed Account Structure
We manage your investments for you directly in your brokerage account, which is fully SIPC insured, secure, and 100% transparent. Our custodian, Interactive Brokers, is consistently one of the top-rated brokerages in the country and provides access to best-in-class execution. You simply give Hedgewise permission to make trades on your behalf, and we take care of the rest.
Lower Cost
We charge a flat annual fee as low as 0.5%. Hedgewise pays for all trading commissions, and there are no performance fees, sign-up fees, termination fees, monthly minimum fees, or IRA maintenance fees. We automatically include tax harvesting and tax-aware allocation when appropriate. It's simply a better product, and we're confident that you'll agree.
Higher Returns. Proven Results.
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